The Mutt: An Order Series Short Story by Kasia Bacon #LGBT #Fantasy #RGR Giveaway #Excerpt #Spotlight

Giveaway for The Mutt!! An e-book copy for one lucky commenter.

Rainbow Gold Reviews

It is our pleasure to welcome Kasia Bacon to Rainbow Gold Reviews today. She has brought an excerpt of her new fantasy short story ‘The Mutt’ to share with us and is giving away an e-book copy of the book to one lucky commenter. More info below.


I wanted him from the start. From the very first time I laid eyes on him. Everyone kept talking about him in the days prior to his arrival to the camp, curious about this half-breed born to an influential Elven clan, but brought up by humans. A hybrid. A mutt.

Lochan Féyes.

I was curious as well. Maternal half-breeds such as him were a rarity. They retained all physical qualities of a pureblood and enjoyed, at least in theory, equal social status. Not that discrimination didn’t occur. The real losers in the biracial game were the paternal ones. Considered downright human and non-citizen…

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