The Starving Years by Jordan Castillo Price


This is a review of the audiobook version.


It’s a no brainer – I loved it.

JCP is an auto-read for me, while Gomez Pugh is one of my favourite American narrators since Channeling Morpheus for Scary Mary and Winter Kill (the latter by Josh Lanyon). I’m even willing to overlook the way he says interesting, which is the only thing that (slightly) ruffles my feathers.  He’s a guy with a velvet throat, and honeyed voice made for reading hot stuff.

The book has four ‘Oh Yess!’ factors for me:

  • Dystopian feel to a contemporary setting
  • Fast paced, original plot with cinematic quality to it
  • Balanced MMM three-way relationship where no one presents as a spare wheel (rare!)
  • Hot AF with some UST

As to the narration itself, Gomez doesn’t simply read the story. He performs it. He becomes it.

His ability to do different voices (also non-irritating female ones) and distinctive accents shines through in the audiobook containing an array of characters (including women and a child) and a mysterious Latino. Javier insides melting accent is the icing on the cake.

What was exceptionally good, I thought, was Gomez’s voice for the Canaan Products guy conducting a presentation at the beginning. It gave me a flashback. It took me right back to the brief and only period in my life when I worked for a corporation – American corporation with two letters in its name – and hated every nano-second of it with every cell of my skin.

So there, job well done.


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