Tall Order by Irene Preston

28506239.jpgTITLE:                                     TALL ORDER

AUTHOR:                             IRENE PRESTON

RELEASE DATE:               16TH FEBRUARY 2016

RATING:                               footfootfootfoot

HEAT LEVEL:                      footfootfoot

(ARC received from the Author in exchange for an honest review)


“Your last boyfriend was a jerk,” Dylan said. “You should forget everything that asshole said.”

Aston pondered the idea. His last boyfriend had also called him Winbaby and told him he loved him.

This adorable, standalone short story, set in Texas, was originally a part of the Romancing Austin anthology.

Tall Order might be much lighter and sweeter than the reads I naturally gravitate towards.  Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed it

This is a story, in which past mistakes are rectified, lovers reunite and the second chance triumphs over insecurities, pride and stubbornness.  What’s not to like.

The highlighted differences between Dylan and Win – in regards to both their appearance and personalities – worked well for me.  I found it appealing how the story is about the change in characters’ circumstances and behaviour.  Moreover, they share a strong connection and are sexy together.

It’s well-written.  The somewhat succinct, crisp style, which is not void of humour, scored high points with me.

I enjoyed the Texan setting and all the food references.  The story made me hungry at least twice (#QuieroTacos).

I rarely pay attention to covers unless they are:  A. very unusual, B. completely gorgeous,  C. utterly hideous.  Tall Order’s illustrated cover definitely caught my eye – it’s lovely and a little kooky.

To wrap up, it was a 4 feet read for me – touching, heartfelt and sanguine.


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