Wood by Jordan Castillo Price

wood-200TITLE:                                          WOOD

AUTHOR:                                 JORDAN CASTILLO PRICE

RELEASE DATE:                   23rd February 2016

PUBLISHER:                          JCP Books LLC

RATING:                                footfootfootfootfoot

HEAT LEVEL:                      footfoot

(ARC provided by the Author in exchange for an honest review)


“I’m such a sucker for the neck.  He knows it.  And he knows I know he knows…

which makes it all so much hotter when he goes for it.”

What is it with Victor Bayne, Jacob Marks and old men’s bathrooms?  How can putting together flat-pack furniture be sexy?  What are the lewdest assembly instructions ever?  How many mediums does it take to put up a SaverPlus bookshelf?

If you are curious to hear the answers, and/or you are a die-hard fan(atic) of PsyCop, you will gladly reach for another Vic & Jacob short by Jordan Castillo Price, entitled Wood.  It slots in rather nicely just after book three in the series, Body & Soul, and another short – Stroke of Midnight.

I enjoyed this snippet immensely.  JCP forever enriches and extends the reader’s knowledge about Vic and Jacob by writing those little gems.  This one provides the fresh insight into the characters, further glimpse into their relationship and extended family.

A very JCP kind of humour is applied here, the one I find truly hilarious.  There is also a cute quickie, reminding us how hot the guys are together.  Above all, it shows the affection they have for each other.  It’s endearing how easily they connect and read each other, despite having diametrically different personalities.  Victor’s undying sentiment for SaverPlus sums up his neurotic traits and explains his temporary tendencies, stemming most likely from the fear of putting down roots.  Jacob’s more sturdy tastes and lasting approach to things and life in general demonstrates how he anchors and grounds his partner.

PsyCop shorts – like highly recommended Wood – are delicious little treats, whetting my appetite.  However teasing, they help to curb my cravings to dig into the next (final?) book in this excellent series.  They make me await patiently until it finally arrives, served in the manner of the main course.  I guess one could call them hunger suppressants.


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