A Case of Christmas by Josh Lanyon

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Author:                     Josh Lanyon

Title:                           A Case of Christmas

Genre:                        M/M Contemporary Short Story

Publisher:                JustJoshin

Release Date:        13th Dec 2015

Rating:              footfootfootfootfoot

                Heat Level:      footfoot

Josh Lanyon is my favourite M/M author.  Ever.  A legion of people, who have had a Lanyon book shoved in their faces by moi, and who gave into my – close to maniacal – insistence, can stand up and testify.  Therefore, before I proceed, I must declare bias, complete lack of objectivity, and, possibly, a mild compulsive obsession.

However, and to restore some balance in the universe, I generally dislike festive romances with a passion.  Thankfully, A Case of Christmas is as atypical and quirky, as a seasonal story can get.  Stripped off the usual holiday palaver – including the setting, it’s not at all cheesy or mawkish, but has a refined bittersweet quality about it.  Written with smooth panache and generously sprinkled with humour (dry and sarcastic enough to make you wonder how, in God’s name, Josh is not British), this is a must read this December.

A Case of Christmas Art Final

It’s astonishing, what a good writer can do within four chapters alone.  Nobody does the ‘second chance at love’ trope quite like Lanyon.  There’s a convincing back story with some depth to it, fast paced action and emotions flying high, all crowned with a good sex scene.  The main strength of this story, however, lies in its characters – brilliantly drawn and likable.  I certainly hope Shane and Linus are getting their own series, and it’s just a prologue to their future adventures.  I smell huge potential.

A Case of Christmas is a complete and touching story, skilfully wrapped in a short form and an easy on the eye cover, embellished with a cleverly fitting title. It confirms my belief that good things come in small packages.


4 thoughts on “A Case of Christmas by Josh Lanyon

  1. This does sound good, but I am another unabashed Josh Lanyon in fan. One of my favourites is another Christmas short, Icecapades. It’s another great example of lots of story in a small space, and is a second chance….of a sort. 😉

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