Memento by Jordan Castillo Price

jcpTitle:                           MEMENTO (A PsyCop Short)

Author:                      Jordan Castillo Price

Publisher:                 JCP Books, LLC

Release Date:         13th November 2015

Genre:                         M/M Contemporary Paranormal

Rating:                       footfootfootfootfoot

Heat Level:                footfootfootfoot

 (ARC provided by the Author in exchange for an honest review)

If you are a PsyCop series fan, just like myself, this endearing, nostalgic and sexy short story is guaranteed to pull at your heartstrings and elevate your pulse.

The PsyCop series has always been a complete package for me.  It contains everything I enjoy in a book – the paranormal element, the cop story aspect, the humour and, above all, brilliantly drawn characters.

Victor Bayne and Jacob Marks are one of my all-time favourite established couples.

Their relationship is based on the opposites attract paradigm, Jacob’s sixth sense kink and their mutual compatibility.  Victor is a shy, paranoid, slightly antisocial psychic and a scruffy hot mess, often heavily medicated.  He’s also hilarious in his neurotic awkwardness.  Jacob, on the other hand – handsome, well dressed, confident and collected – is a shrewd cop type.  He’s sociable, charming and always at ease.

Jacob has had me under his spell from the very moment he followed Vic into that memorable bathroom, during his ex-partner’s retirement party.  Therefore, I was thrilled to find out this story is told from his point of view.

The storyline is woven around Vic’s worn piece of clothing, triggering memories of some carefree, untainted, innocent times before Camp Hell and the mental ward.  This sentimental, tender snapshot focuses primarily on the easy intimacy Vic and Jacob share, and the domesticity that only comes with true love, trust and companionship.

I love how these two completely different personalities perfectly fit together.  Jacob’s ability to read his lover is touching and captivating.  He knows exactly what makes Victor tick.  He’s familiar with the way his partner thinks and faultlessly anticipates his reactions to the outside stimuli.  He’s also aware of the coping mechanisms Vic resorts to in order to function.  It’s a paradox really, that Victor is the one with psychic abilities in this relationship, as his insecurities coupled with the oblivious, caught-in-the-internal-musings manner frequently makes him anything but perceptive.

The sex scene that follows the reminiscing is wonderfully hot and laced not only with lust, but also undeniable, although unspoken, affection between the two lovers.

This enthralling read deserves a rating of 4.5  out of 5 from me.  The additional good news is that the audiobook is expected to be released by the end of November.  It will be narrated by the honey-voiced Gomez Pugh. As always, the explosive combo of Vic, Jacob and Gomez promises excellent times.

Memento reminds me of a ginger biscuit, coated in organic dark chocolate.  It’s a refined, bittersweet, damn delicious treat with a lingering warm spicy finish.


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