For Blood – by J.R. Gray

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Title:                              FOR BLOOD

Author:                         J.R. Gray

Publisher:                   Evernight Publishing

Genre:                           M/F Contemporary Paranormal Romance (Short Story)

Release Date:            21/08/2015

My Rating:                footfootfootfoot

Review by KASIA BB (ARC provided by the Author in exchange for an honest review)

FOR BLOOD is an opening short story in the BAD ALPHA anthology, which contains ten erotic shifter-themed tales.

I rarely consciously go for the M/F reads these days.  I wouldn’t have probably reached for this one either, if it hadn’t been for two reasons.  Firstly, it was written by J.R. Gray, whose novels I always enjoy and secondly – it involves werewolves.  What’s not to like!

Roman, a heavily tattooed full-blooded alpha with the sexy biker look, is the leader of Fala pack.  Victoria, a strong-willed curvaceous beauty, is the sister of the rival Toska pack’s leader.  A forced match, orchestrated in order to cease the long-standing feud, ensure peace and end the bad blood between the two packs, unexpectedly develops into a true love story.

The story is told in a dual first-person narrative, providing the insight into both main characters’ perspective.  I enjoyed the relationship’s progress from initial animosity, crackling with tension to desire, mutual trust and finally – tenderness.  Also, there’s a really hot sex scene in-between.

It’s not easy to create a story that feels complete and finished, crowned with a satisfying conclusion within a short text containing less than ten thousand words.  Gray skilfully succeeded in doing that.  There’s also some very interesting mythology woven in.  However, I couldn’t miss the unequivocal signs signaling to me that this story badly wanted to become a novel, or a novella at least.  What a shame that couldn’t have been the case!

In essence, it is a terrific paranormal read with the enemies-to-lovers trope, which deserves a solid rating of 4 from me.


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